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iPhone - Omakase 1.0

iPhone - Omakase 1.0


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The Philosophy

Euphoric Design, Robust Safeguard!

There is no more PERFECT iPhone case for you than this! With the availability of very diverse designs, and printed with the latest UV Printing technology, it makes prints that last very long and have the best print quality. NO, the results will not fade when washed or rinsed with water and alcohol when cleaned.

Pernah jatuhin HP dan nyantai aja? Nah koleksi bahan case di kami kokoh banget untuk melindungin dari jatuh dan benturan, goresan dan baret. Di desain dengan tipis dan ringan sehingga nyaman untuk digunakan dan di bawa saat berpergian. 

There can't be another perfect iPhone Case for you! Our wide range Euphoric design digitally printed with latest UV Printing Technology to ensure long-lasting and ultra-finest print quality. NO, it won't fade with water and alcohol upon cleaning.

Drop your phone and feel fine about it? Our cases are completed with robust safeguard against drops up to 1.5M high, as well as scratches, hits and dents! The ultra-thin and feather light design comforts you when travelling or staying in place.

Product Details

Acrylic Hybrid Snap Case

Seberapa tipis? 2.0 mm (tipis banget!)
Seberapa ringan?
Kurang lebih 30 grams (ringan banget!) eh, tapi super kokoh dong!
Bagian Belakang Acrylic, di hybrid dengan soft-gel yang flexible berbahan TPU di bagian samping / bazel, jadi aman dan ga ngerusak! Di lengkapi dengan 4 bumper di setiap ujung nya untuk mengurangi menahan dan melindungi saat jatuh atau terbanting!


Thinness 2.0 mm (ultra-thin!)
Lightness Approximately 30 grams (feather light!) yet super sturdy!
Case Material Acrylic Back Shell, hybrid with soft-gel (flexible) TPU on the side. Furnished with bumpers on each corner to reduce shock and protect from drops!


Rearguard Case

Seberapa tipis?
3.0 mm (tipis banget!)
Seberapa ringan?
Kurang lebih 45 grams (ringan banget!) tapi kokoh nya kebangetan loh!!

Bahan nya super kokoh dilengkapi dengan "Rearguard Technology" terbuat dari Thermoplastic Polyurethene untuk menahan benturan dengan sangat maksimal. Tombol juga bisa di akses dengan sangat mudah.


Thinness 3.0 mm (ultra-thin!)
Lightness Approximately 35 grams (feather light!) yet super sturdy!
Case Material

Super sturdy material with our very own Rearguard Case Technology made of Thermoplastic Polyurethene for absolute shock absorption. Free access to all ports anytime you need them!


Parisian Chain

About Parisian Chain

Pilihan Warna
Gold & Monochrome

Praktis banget karena Parisian Chain bisa di lepas-pasang. Lagi perlu pake? Pasang aja. Ga perlu pake? Lepas aja. Simple banget kan. Wajib banget nih buat yang suka berpergian atau travelling.


Stainless Steel dengan Coating GANDA: pertama dengan anti-karat dan kedua dengan glossy coating untuk kesan yang mewah banget.

Panjang nya kurang lebih 1,2 meter, bisa di pendekkan dengan melepas bagian rantai nya (mirip seperti saat melepas rantai tas tangan / tas pundak)


Colour Option
Gold & Monochrome

Absolutely practical as the chain is detachable. Need it? Wear it. Don't need it? Detach from it. An absolute must for one who commutes or travels often!


Stainless steel with DOUBLE coating: with Anti-rust + Glossy coating to make it ultra luxurious. 

Length is approx 1.2M, adjustable by removing the chain links (similar to adjusting chain of a handbag).


Magsafe Compatibility

About Magsafe Compatible

Material with a special ring that is equipped to make your iPhone compatible with magnetic products & accessories (for example: Magnetic Wireless Charger or Magnetic Wireless Powerbank).

With magsafe compatible, you can easily apply magnetic-based products & accessories, without having to be afraid of falling off or falling.

Oh yes, the Wireless Charging feature is AVAILABLE on the iPhone 8 or later.

A special ring that equipped your iPhone to be compatible for Magnetic Products (such Magnetic Wireless Charger or Magnetic Wireless Powerbank).

With Magsafe Compatible, you can easily attach Magnetic Products onto the back of your phone without worrying to drop it!

Be reminded that Apple equipped Wireless Charging feature only for iPhone 8 or later.



Designed by Caseuphoria's own in-house designer. Digitally hand-designed to meet our premium standards.

Or if it is written otherwise, then from that there is ongoing collaboration. Buying products from collaboration collections means that you support our partners, because some of the sales will go to them.

Caseuphoria's very own in-house designer. Hand-designed, hand-curated and digitally crafted to meet our premium standard!

Or if stated otherwise, it means that we have a collaboration going on! Purchasing product from a collab collections means you support our retail partner or the designers themselves as part of the revenue will go for them.

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The Signature
Rearguard Bumper Case

Rearguard Case with TPU Polyurethene Bumpers, that withstand drops of up to 1,5 meters height.
I know right, that powerful.

Small Business. Yet Impactful.

Not only focusing on commercial, we love so much to be impactful to the local community.

Our Projet Lokal has engaged several illustrators to be able to have real-deal experience of their designs being made into real products.

Part of the revenue of collaboration products will be given for them.

Drop element here!