About Us


Inspired during the time when roaming the globe across continents, where one observed, that each global residence differs. But one thing that unites them in common: is their passion in art of self-expression that reflects in even the smallest part of their lives.
Caseüphoria started as a matter of idealism of passion in infusing hauté couture art in technology, the proponent we all never leave. And to remind as well, this defines not only the stellar style and chic design, but above that, the ultimate comfort, quality of being durable and the service itself.
With this, we love to facilitate every global citizen with a platform to unleash their passion in art of self-expression, at the very least, starting from the small thing they will not live without: the technology.
Our value is way beyond the product that we crafted then sent to you, but it is all behind the screen where we pour our passion in the state of the art. Where this accomplished -- we believe so, absolutely-- all the boxes (comfort, quality and service) you desire, will ticked by itself .