Vegan Leather Pocket Wallet - Sketchy Flower 1.0

Vegan Leather Pocket Wallet - Sketchy Flower 1.0

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The Philosophy

Euphoric Design, Perfect Functionality!

Vegan Leather Pocket Wallet is made of plant-based "leather" material, with saffiano texture on the surface. It is digitally printed with Switzerland-based Printing Technology to ensure long-lasting and ultra-finest print quality.

Consist of 2 card slots, it is more functional than ever to put your daily access card or any payment cards.

Product Details

Vegan Leather Pocket Wallet

Thinness 2.0 mm (ultra-thin!)
Lightness Approximately 15 grams (feather light!) yet super sturdy!
Material Vegan Leather with Saffiano Texture




Caseuphoria's very own in-house designer. Hand-designed, hand-curated and digitally crafted to meet our premium standard!


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